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                                  Any type of Wood

Custom hand finish/ Touch-ups/ Repairs/ Upholstery/ New veneer/ New canes/ Satisfaction guaranteed/ Fast quality service

refinish coffee table

   We are having an Antique Furniture Sale we are selling as low as our cost. We are selling antique doors. This is to remind you of our business and to let you know that now we have found an easier way for our customer to contact us, for example, to get estimates or ball-parks and of course to refinish your furniture. You can see our work here, and also how to find us. Our e-mail is salcfr@sbcglobal.net and our phone is (714)997-2468; fax :(714)997-2469 and cell:(951)675-4035   

reupholster diamond shape with leather    

                                        We are located in:                                                                               996 N. Parker St. Orange, CA. 92867

We hope hearing from you and to let you know that we are always open for business and remember we know how to value your valuable furniture, thank you!                                       

Our business hours are Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm and Friday from 9am-2pm. You can arrange a meeting if those hours are not so good for you.